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Industry Solutions

Corporate ESG Solutions

Industry Solutions

DigiDrub, in collaboration with its partners, offers comprehensive industry solutions. They assess entire supply chains and tiered suppliers, strategizing for optimal supply chain performance. For businesses yet to publish an ESG report or seeking assessments, DigiDrub provides carbon footprint descriptions, prescriptions, and collaboration on decarbonization goals. Offering end-to-end services, they employ Generative AI, Machine Learning, and secure, scalable cloud-based engines for achieving net-zero objectives. Additionally, DigiDrub facilitates the conversion of documents and bills of materials, recommending sustainable alternatives to meet Scope 1, 2, and 3 requirements, ensuring a credible and auditable path towards sustainability.

Supply Chain Strategies

DigiDrub, along with its partner/s, has a formal process to assess your entire supply chain and tiered suppliers.

Description and Prescription of Carbon Footprint

If you have not published your current ESG report or need an assessment, DigiDrub and its partners can assist you, and also work on your sustainability.


End-to-end services that provide complete, credible, and auditable direction to achieve net-zero goals. Generative AI, Machine Learning (ML), and secured hyper-scalable cloud-based engines will be leveraged.

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